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Camex Airlines utilises software to ensure ICS2 compliance

Georgia-based cargo carrier Camex Airlines has signed up to use software firm Feeport’s system to ensure it is compliant with the European Union’s (EU) Import Control System 2 (ICS) for security declarations.

Feeport is providing the airline, which operates Boeing 737-800 freighters, with several data filings prior and during EU-bound flights and on arrival through its x7trade automated software platform.

This includes Pre-Loading Advance Cargo Information (PLACI), full Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) as well Arrival Notification (AN).

Egor Paanukoski, member of the board at Feeport, said: “In a bigger picture of the air cargo supply chain, these data elements might look like a small or insignificant detail but non-compliance will prevent any airfreight from being loaded into the plane and later customs cleared.”

ICS2 came into force last year and required airlines to submit shipment information to a new centralised system named the Shared Trader Interface before the goods are loaded onto an aircraft.

Previously, under ICS, the shipment information needed to be submitted electronically no later than four hours before arrival at the customs authority where the goods first reached the borders of the EU.

In another change, airlines can submit only the basic information and the forwarders and logistics providers can add the more sensitive details to the Shared Trader Interface at a later date.

This provides competitive protection for forwarders as they are not sharing customer details with the carriers.